Win A Copy Of Bet Angel

Bet Angel is sponsoring today's card at Southwell. In support of this they are running a competition to win a copy of their comprehensive trading application. It's free to enter and takes no time at all.

Win a free copy of Bet Angel here.

If you have never heard of Bet Angel before, see what all the fuss is about by viewing the on-line videos.

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PhilipH said...

I use the equivalent BetAngel (for Betdaq), which has all the features mentioned in your link to their competition. I think it is an excellent API and very fast. If I can use it then anybody can!

You can get the latest version from completely free. It is a speedy download and a joy to use.

I did have a free copy of BetAngel for Betfair but it was only the basic version and not worth bothering with imo. Anyway, Betfair (should be BetUnFair imo) has now closed my account after they suspended it earlier. I still await the refund of the balance of my deposit from them. What a complete shower of manure their customer relations department is!