April Fool

That's just how I feel today with a shocking start to my trading for the month.

The morning greyhound session saw me trade blows for 2 hours before I managed to string 3 winning trades together. Things picked up then and I was approaching £20, - which, considering my earlier performance, was remarkable - when I lost £4.86 in the last race of the morning card before switching to the nags.

The horse racing wasn't much better. I opened my account with losses of £8.64, £5.32 and £14.08 at which point I switched back to the greyhounds, only to immediately lose £6.49! I took most of what was remaining of the afternoon off to lick my wounds.

Upon my return I stuck mainly to the dogs, though I did some more horse racing as well but didn't get anywhere losing as much as I won.

The evening greyhounds were good to me and I recovered all my daily losses until, sitting on a profit of £0.91 for the day, I got caught by a sharp reversal in the 7:78 at Sunderland which I struggled to get out off. I was left with some of my lay in the market when it suspended. Needless to say, it won and I lost £31.

So April kicks of with a quite appalling performance and a loss of £30.45 and leaves me feeling somewhat foolish.

Two losing days in a row. I've not had that for a very long time.

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