Back Into A Routine

I'm very much a creature of habit. Anything out of my routine can throw me a complete wobbly. That's one of the reasons I hate the school holidays. It means extreme disruption in my daily routine. It was different when the kids were younger. Now though. with my eldest having left home and my daughter now of an age where she doesn't really want to do anything with her father, I find school holidays a real bind.

Tomorrow she goes off to her mother's for the rest of the holidays, so with the promise of some peace and quiet, today I set about trying to get back to normality, albeit it only briefly.

I spent a full morning on the greyhounds as well as the last 90 minutes or so of the afternoon session. This proved very fruitful, netting myself £42 though I lost some in the evening session, ending the day with just over £36.

I didn't trade any of the horse racing though I did spend a couple of hours looking at some in-running hedging. I've been looking at this off and on for the past month but I let it slip as I started to try and trade them pre-race. Trying to multi-task these things meant my focus wasn't on the job in hand and it really deserved my full attention.

I'm interested in finding ways to identify horses that will likely shorten significantly in-running. I mentioned a long time ago that I was interested in trading/hedging in-running - small stakes, big reward being the driving force behind it. I'd use this either as another feather in the bow, on it's own or as a means to take some pre-race trading profit in-running in order to boost returns.

I only had time to look at 4 races today but here's the summary of what I got:

2:10 Folkestone - Winged Assassin - BFSP 6.60 -> 1.01 Winner
2:20 Wincanton - Orion Star - BFSP 9.59 -> 6.20
2:20 Wincanton - Dennis The Legend - BFSP 5.42 -> 1.01 Winner
2:50 Wincanton - Richard's Sundance - BFSP 7.40 -> 1.30
2:50 Wincanton - Mister Wiseman - BFSP 13.0 -> 5.00
3:20 Wincanton - I Hear Thunder - BFSP 5.80 -> 2.20
3:20 Wincanton - Fine By Me - BFSP 5.60 -> 4.00

Despite the small sample, it's encouraging to see every pick shortening significantly. These price movements are indicative of what I've seen in the past month when I've been monitoring this. Many more races to look at yet but given the size of the movement, it's worthwhile pursuing.

The rest of the day was spent looking for an alternative screen recording package to replace the rudimentary one supplied with Linux. I'm pleased to say I found one which produces better quality videos and will also save the files in a proprietary format that you lot in the 'Evil Empire' can use. :-)

I'll record some more of my horse trading and post the interesting ones on the website. Anything for a laugh. On a serious note, as advised by Leonthefixer, it's there to help me spot where I might be going wrong on the nags. Let's hope it works.

Finally, I apologise to anyone that has been trying to use the chat room today. I only noticed that it was down sometime this afternoon. It's hosted by a third party and their website has been unavailable today for whatever reason. It still is at the time of writing. I do not know what the issue is, but hopefully we won't be inconvenienced too long.


Ronnie2ticks said...

Hi mate,

good blog great read as always, interested in your in running strat, how did you pick those nags? i have been looking at something similar but only on the fav or 2nd fav, from the off most shorten in price but not in sprint races ie 5f, 6f unless there red hot favs, i will monitor and then trial with mim stakes perhaps back for example £2 at 4 to 6 ranges then place lays in at 3 to 4 for a couple of tick profits, then of course hedge, if it goes against its £2, or i could just lay it at high odds it looks like its on its way out for a net zero.

Rick Ford said...

Hi Alistair,

For 'in-play' bets I suggest you follow the advice of . It's a free service and part of the service includes a back/lay system.

PhilipH said...

Hi Ali,
Good post again and interestingly, to me, is the fact you mentioned two horses that I backed yesterday: Richards Sundance and I hear Thunder. I cannot recall the prices I took but I traded out in running - but did not "go green" on either, so no loss - but no win either. I had a decent winner a couple of days back (Rossinis Dancer) and took 15-2 with a free bet from V Chandler. I entered his "Beat Victor" thingy on the National as I included Comply or Die which beat his three unplaced selections. I also back Black Apalachi with him that day as he gave a free bet if you had a faller, whichBlack Appalachi unfortunately did.

I find that nearly ALL my picks on Betdaq shorten in running and thus I can have a bet for nothing. As I only have small stakes, often a £1 win, there is not enough to green out - so I just watch it run (by watch, I mean watch to trading prices!).

A day off today as my youngest daughter is on her way up from Lincolnshire for the Easter break with hubby and the two little 'uns (Jake 8 and Ellie 6). They've booked a cottage in Yetholm at the foot of the Cheviot Hills, about 15 miles from our house. Their dog, Marley, is a massive slobbery animal - a Douge de Bordeaux apparently. At least her mother-in-law isn't coming!

Cheers, Phil

Alistair said...

Hi chaps and thanks for the comments. always appreciated.

Ronnie, it sounds like we might be doing similar things, but I'd rather not discuss it publicly, at least not yet. Wouldn't want to get egg on my face - again!

Thanks also for the link Rick. I'll try and look into Extreme Lays over the weekend.