An Interesting Day

There's been good money in the morning greyhound meetings of late so I took the decision to increase my stake a bit. Would a 15% increase translate to a corresponding increase in profit?

To be honest, my trading this morning was all over the place as amply illustrated by the graph below. This shows my profit or loss on a per race basis for the first 22 races of the day.

It's hard to tell whether my slightly increased stakes caused this somewhat erratic trading, or if it was just one of those days. Certainly, particularly early on in the session, I was getting caught too many times, but I reckoned that I was entering the market a little to soon. Once I adjusted my entry points, I started to string some decent trades together.

It is certainly worth carrying on with the increased stakes as, the race after this graph was created, the second last of the morning session, saw me make, if memory serves me correctly, my best ever dog trade of £16.47 after commission.

I stopped at 2:00pm to concentrate on the horses, but I traded from 5:30 up to 7:30 adding to the total. I eventually made just under £46 from the greyhounds today, despite some poor trading in the morning.

Once again, my horse trading was a disappointment, though that was mainly due to losing £11 over the first two races at Wolverhampton. Aside from that, I was doing OK. In the end I lost just £2.50 overall, making those two Wolverhampton losses all the more annoying.

To be honest, although I spent the afternoon scalping the markets, I was primarily focussed on monitoring my in-running hedging selections. Still paper trading, but looking good none the less. Again, here's my picks from this afternoon as mentioned in the chat room:

2:35 Ripon - Hi Shinko - BFSP 5.10 -> 3.90
3:20 Cheltenham - How's Business - BFSP 9.66 -> 1.01 Winner
3:20 Cheltenham - Markila - BFSP 21.81 -> 12.00
3:45 Ripon - Trunpstoo - BFSP 11.00 -> 5.50
3:45 Ripon - Crackdown - BFSP 14.76 -> 1.01 Winner
4.55 Ripon - Castles In The Air - BFSP 5.00 -> 4.50
4.55 Ripon - Kiwi Bay - BFSP 18.50 -> 7.00
4.55 Ripon - Ponta Rossa - BFSP 15.70 -> 3.00
7:15 Wolverhampton - Stagecoach Jade - BFSP 5.80 -> 1.01 Winner
7:15 Wolverhampton - Miss Boat - BFSP 8.2 -> 2.00

Again, not a bad set of results at all. This continues to look very interesting indeed. Mind you, knowing my luck, it will probably go belly up as soon as I put money on them. That's the nature of things.

I finished off the day with some involvement in the over 2.5 goals market of the Man City v Hamburg match.

I felt that there was likely to be goals in this and tried a drip feed technique that I have used in the past in the over 1.5 goals market. Essentially, I decide on the total stake I am prepared to invest, and, once the match gets under way, I stick in £5 bets at ever increasing odds until I've reached my maximum stake or a goal is scored.

The drawback with this is when an early goal is scored, as happened tonight, and very little of the overall stake is placed. In this case, I only had £5 in the market and I traded out after the first goal with a greened up profit of £1.69. At this point I finished for the night and settled down to watch the rest of the game.

So not a bad day in the end. £45 profit and a few more lessons learned.

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