Looks Like It Does The Business

A much better day today (or yesterday as it's now after midnight), though it wasn't without it's screw ups. I also benefited from the excellent advice from William Hill radio, which helped to boost the returns from the dogs.

After my problems with the horses recently, I decided to leave well alone and concentrate on the greyhounds today - at least until the evening. The morning session kicked off very well and I was up nearly £20 in the first hour. I then threw nearly half of that away in two races just after 12:00. That's the type of thing that can really put a dampener on proceedings. However, a few races later everything was right with the world as I won over £21 thanks to William Hill radio.

I've said many times that if you are trading the greyhounds, you should get to know the WH Radio commentators. Some of them really know their stuff. One in particular, Darren Driver, has continually impressed me. Not only with his knowledge of the sport, but his picks are pretty impressive too. He'd already tipped a number of winners this morning with odds around 4/1 - 5/1 when the 12:47 came along.

Darren was very sweet on the outsider, 'Looksthebusiness', which was trading at 12.00 on Betfair. Having already won a small amount on the race through trading, and encouraged by Darren's earlier success and his enthusiasm for this particular mutt, I decided to stick £2 on it as a bet. Trailing in second place coming round the last bend, 'Looksthebusiness' mugged the leader on the line to win me a little over £21. Thanks Darren.

I've been disappointed with my trading of late, including my performances in the greyhound markets. Despite winning a total of £55 today from the dogs, I had far to many largish losses that stopped today from being exceptional. I traded a total of 42 greyhound races today, losing 9 of them at a cost of £20.57. Take away that successful bet on 'Looksthebusiness' and you'll see that my dog trading is still a bit iffy. Still, very happy with the £55 I made today.

After dinner I started to trade some of the evening greyhound races, but the money wasn't there and what was, was disappearing fast as the Champions League matches approached. Instead, I took the plunge and tried trading the horse racing at Kempton.

Some readers had suggested in comments to previous posts that I record my trading to help identify where I was screwing up. This I did and would you believe it, out of 6 races I entered, I only had one losing trade of 43 pence and made a total of nearly £7! Typical! Interestingly, I seemed to be much more focussed in my trading and, having reviewed the videos, I hardly entered the markets at all. Perhaps the very process of recording my actions altered my mindset this evening.

Since I use BinarySoft BDI for my trading, I'm not sure how much use they will be, but for anyone interested, I've put the videos on the web. Just click on the links below to download them. Note that these files are pretty large 100-170MB. Also, since I am a Linux user, they are recorded in OGG format, the free media file format. To view them, assuming you get your operating system from Darth Gates, you'll probably need to install the necessary codecs. A better alternative would be to install the free, cross-platform media player, VLC which will play OGG media format files right out of the box.

Kempton 7:20
Kempton 7:50
Kempton 8:20
Kempton 8:50
Kempton 9:20

I'm afraid the quality isn't great. One of the things that Linux lacks is screen recording software of the same standard as Camastia. The software that I used tends to make the colours somewhat muddy and 'washed out'. Still, it's good enough to see what's happening, though I'd recommend you view them in full screen mode.

Don't get too excited. The trades are for pennies for the most part, though the last one was a few pounds.


Andrew said...

There is a list of screencasting tools. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_screencasting_software. some of them are available on Linux. Yeah, Camtasia is a great screen recorder, and I am using an alternative named DemoCreator.

Alistair said...

Hi Andrew, thanks for the link.

I was already aware of the Linux ones, I just didn't have any reason to try them as screen recording isn't generally something I'm interested in.

Anyway, I've installed Xvidcap which is giving better quality so I'll see how it goes.

Thanks again.