Not An Easter Egg In Sight

What's a bloke to do when stuck in the house, all alone on Easter Sunday? Surprisingly, I managed to quell my insatiable appetite for chocolate and resist the temptation to nip along to the local co-op and scoop up all the cut price chocolate eggs they have for sale. Thank goodness there was plenty of sport to trade.

Today was almost a mirror of yesterday in that I tried the 1-1 correct score trading and came away with £24 yet my greyhound trading got nowhere.

I'm getting a little concerned with my dog trading of late. It has been very inconsistent since the turn of the month. Not really sure why, but I shall keep plugging on with it until it comes good.

I was pleased with the football trading today, trading the 1-1 correct score. Same tactic as usual. Back 1-1 pre-match and trade out as the odds decrease, getting fully out as they start to drift again or after the first goal.

I tried three matches today, though they were a bit of a mixed bag in terms of results.

The Aston villa v Everton match went fully according to plan, greening up after the first goal for a guaranteed £20 before commission.

The Man City v Fulham match was disappointing in that I only got a fraction of my initial bet matched before the kick-off. As a result, I only made a few pennies on that one.

In the evening, I went to Spain for the Deportivo v Ath. Madrid match. I traded out in stages and was fully greened up after 22 mins for a profit of over £5.

I even did some trading on the horses today. Shock! Horror! Nothing much, and made a couple of quid. I was more interested in monitoring the in-running ideas I alluded to in an earlier post. I won't list all fourteen selections from ten races here. Suffice to say, the result continue to be very encouraging with only two of those selections failing to shorten significantly in-running.

Moreover, there were three winners at BFSP odds of 8.40, 8.68 and 4.70. Still a lot of work to do before putting money on though.

I don't know how much trading I'll get done this week. Loads of DIY to do while my daughter is away. Good luck to you if you're getting involved.


Anonymous said...

I have similar profit results like yours from last year.

Februar 09 = +31 euro
March 09 = +50 euro
April 09 = currently +110 euro

Last year I have try to trade on horse win markets, but i only lose money. From february i trade on place markets and so far is good. I wonder how much is possible to make monthly. I would be satisfied with around 500 euro/month.

I see that you make money on greyhounds. What you recommend is the easiest markets for trading?

Alistair said...

You should be able to make 500 Euros/month trading the place markets.

It's not really for me to say what markets are easiest to trade. You might not find the same as me. What I would say is concentrate on one market, allowing your bank to build, then start looking at another market to supliment the first.

Some markets you will struggle with, others you'll find quite straight forward. For me, the horse win markets are a mystery, rate the greyhounds I have no trouble with.

Just be patient and experiment to find your trading 'style'.