A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

The graph below is more than enough to illustrate how my day went. The histogram represents my profit or loss for each individual dog race I entered - all 46 of them - while the white line illustrates the running total and my struggle to get into profit for the day.

It took me less than 90 mins to find myself more than £20 down and the rest of the day to get myself back into profit.

Apologies for the lack of posts since Saturday. After that day's poor result I decided to take Sunday off, park myself in front of the TV and enjoy the feast of motor sport that was on in the form of the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix as well as the British Touring Car Championship from Thruxton.

I did manage to take in a few horse races for in-running hedging purposes. These have been added to the PDF file.

Monday is my usual day for visiting a client site so there was little trading done other than 90 mins on the evening dogs and a little on the Norwich v Reading game.

Other than that, I've been very lazy and enjoyed the slight break. I wish I'd taken today off as well having spent most of the day getting myself back into profit to the tune of £2.34!

The only thing that went right today was finding a 11.97 winner in the 7:35 at Nottingham while monitoring some more in-running results prior to stopping for the Champions League match. The updated in-running results are available for download now.

I'll be glad when this month is over. It feels like it has been one long slog.


PhilipH said...

A grindingly bad day for you Ali. Maybe you need a week or so away from it all. When you have to struggle like this tension sets in and it's difficult, if not impossible, to get back in the right gear and just cruise smoothly along.

I do a lot better when I just relax and just "go with the flow" (to use an awful cliché).

Like yesterday, I switched onto Hills for the last evening race and backed Roses at 10/3 in 8.20 at Sedgefield, mainly because Oliver Greenall was riding it. Only had £1 to win, but the main thing is I then had a look at the dogs.

I switched on the commentary and had the 8.35 at Hove on screen. There was a hotpot odds on fav which I always ignore. I looked for any bitches in the field and guessed that Shelbourne Janie and Greedy Bridie were two so put them in with Seamies Gambler - simply because they made up my favourite trap combo: 2-4-1 (like BOGOF - buy 1 get 1 free!) Absolute nonsense bet of course, but that's what I sometimes do. Anyway, I had 6p 10 combi f/cs and 6 10p combi tricasts. They obliged! Hotpot nowhere. SPs were 14-1 twice and 10-1 I think, but the Tricast paid me £60.78 and the Forecast paid me £12.26.

I then withdrew it all and logged out.

Talk about relax-a-vue.

I hope you can climb out of this trading pit you've slipped into. I know you are a successful trader and this is just a blip, or hiccup, and you will soon be on the up again.

Cheers, Phil

PS I have Gadwin Print Screen installed by could not find a way of pasting it into this comment to show you the Hill's statement of last night.

Alistair said...

Hi Phil,

I think you are right. I certainly need a break as I'm feeling rather fatigued by it all. I'll see in the month then take this coming weekend off.

I plan to tour the local car dealerships as I need to replace my old bus. Don't know if I'll by new though. It's still an awful lot of money even with the £2000 scrap allowance.

By the way, you won't be able to paste pictures in to a post comment.

Thanks for the support.