Same Old Story

After Monday's excellent result, I was looking forward to trading today. However, the high's of Monday were short lived and quickly replaced with my normal trading of winning a reasonable amount on the greyhounds followed by losing it again on the horses.

I recovered some in the early evening thanks as usual to the dogs, but I quit early as I was off playing badminton at 8:00. Not that dog trading would have been possible then given the Champions League matches were on at that time.

Today was the first time for a little while that I consciously set about to trade the pre-race markets. Sixteen races and I lost in half of them - a little over £11 in total. Once again, I'm beginning to question the wisdom of trading the horse markets. Particularly if it is impacting on the profits I am achieving from the greyhounds. My pre-race trading is in complete contrast to my paper trading of the in-running trading/hedging I've been doing.

As I've alluded to in an early posting, I'm looking for horses that will shorten in-running with a view to either trading them, or setting up a suitable hedge pre-off. Today, I only looked at four races and found winners in three of them:

3:20 Cheltenham - From Dawn To Dusk - BFSP 5.20 -> 1.01 Winner
3:35 Newmarket - Ouqba - BFSP 5.14 -> 1.01 Winner
3:45 Beverley - Sirvino - BFSP 5.50 -> 1.01 Winner
4:20 Beverley - Amethyst Dawn - BFSP 8.42 -> 2.60

Generally, I haven't been posting the picks over the past week as they are made in the run up to the off and I didn't want to be accused of 'after-eventing' - not that it would bother me as I know what picks I've made. However, I've been announcing the picks in the chat room, so they have been 'proofed' in a manner of speaking, as part of an on-going discussion. Consequently, I may start recording them on the blog.

The point being, as I've said on numerous occasions, that I may have greater success utilising this than continually trying to master the pre-race trading. Time will tell.


Anthony said...

It doesn't matter how you skin the cat, as long as it ain't furry when you've finished (or something!). Looks like you may have found a niche there Alistair. Good luck to you.

Alistair said...

LOL! I'm glad you said cat and not pussy!

Too early to say if there's a niche there Anthony. Here's hoping though.

Thanks for the comment.