Video Killed The Radio Star

Many thanks to John and Lee over at Juicestorm for having me on their show. I hope anyone listening to the broadcast found it as enjoyable as I did. If you missed it, it will be available for download from the Juicestorm site in due course.

With my appearance on WUBT Radio, I only traded the first 90 mins of the dogs this morning, netting another few pounds to add to the coffers. After the show I took a break and returned after lunch to continue with the in-running hedging I've been doing, as well as having another go at trading the place markets.

Two days in a row now, I've made money on the horses! I haven't said that very often in recent weeks. Just over £15 in, what was, a pretty relaxed session.

Here's the in-running hedging results from today:

3;05 Epsom - Millville - BFSP 9.80 -> Didn't shorten
3:05 Epsom - Mezzanisi - BFSP 7.44 -> 3.00
3:30 Catterick - Foreign Investment - BFSP 4.50 -> 1.43
3:30 Catterick - Blue Noodles - BFSP 7.40 -> 3.00
3:40 Epsom - Midday - BFSP 4.90 -> 1.32
3:55 Perth - Tranos - BFSP 10.00 -> 7.20
3:55 Perth - Marcel - BFSP 9.21 -> 3.80
5:00 Southwell - Donald Will Do - BFSP 9.92 -> Didn't shorten
5:15 Catterick - Compton Ford - BFSP 4.20 -> 1.01 Winner
5:50 Catterick - Fast Freddie - BFSP 6.16 -> 2.90
5:50 Catterick - Brut - BFSP 6.78 -> 2.50
6:50 Kempton - Saloon - BFSP 3.95 -> 1.01 Winner
6:50 Kempton - Generous Lad - BFSP 8.36 -> 2.12
7:00 Southwell - Charlotte's Webb - BFSP 4.70 -> 4.10
7:20 Kempton - Curacao - BFSP 6.60 -> 3.00
7:30 Southwell - Classic Quart - BFSP 5.29 -> 1.51
7:30 Southwell - Murphy's Beau - BFSP 7.60 -> 5.00

Not so many winners today, but a good selection of significant drops in price in-running.

I'm finding I'm posting what seems to be ever increasing selections each day, which is starting to clog up each post on the blog. I'm going to stop posting these on a daily basis within each blog post. Instead, I'll set up a page on the website that lists them all together in one place. This will also be of benefit to those of you who wish to examine all the picks in detail.

You'll need to give me a couple of days to get that sorted, then I'll put a link on the blog somewhere so that you can find it.


Man of Mystery said...

Hello mate, thanks a lot for yesterday, you were a great guest. Much appreciated.

Have a tradetastic day.

Alistair said...

It was my pleasure. Thanks to Lee for the bagpipes. He was on the ball there.



leonthefixer said...

Listened to the show last night. Thought it was excellent.

Well done.

All the best,


Alistair said...

Cheers Leon. I had a quick listen last night and thought I wasn't terribly clear so I hope folk managed to make out what I was saying.

Anyway, it was good fun and I hope people managed to get something out of it.