When A loss Feels Like A Win

I thought I'd try the 1-1 correct score again today as I described yesterday. Out of all the possible games I could have gone for, I picked the wrong one. The Lazio v Roma match.

I placed £100 @ 7.00 and waited for the match to go in-play. No sooner had it done so and it was suspended. As I mentioned yesterday, I've never had a match with an early goal though I suspected the 1-1 odds would go out. Trust me to open my big mouth, albeit a metaphorical one.

Sure enough, out they went and, true to the plan, I traded out for a guaranteed loss of £20. No sooner had that bet been matched and the market was suspended again as Lazio scored a second! Two goals in the first 4 minutes! I was within seconds of losing all £100 of my stake. Never has a loss felt more like a win.

It does illustrate the importance of sticking to one's plan. Clearly, I could have decided to let it ride a bit, and it would have cost me. ALWAYS stick to what ever exit strategy you're happy with.

I made the money up on the dogs, but I didn't bother with any other football today. One narrow escape was enough excitement for one day.

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