Back To Gaol

My great escape yesterday has come to nothing and I'm back in solitary confinement. Given the way I traded the horses today, I should be facing a firing squad in the morning.

Rather than go into the gruesome details, I'll follow my recent custom and give you a graph instead.

I suffered from a whole range of character flaws today - greed, impatience, sloppiness, lack of conviction, boredom,.... the list goes on.

I started off well enough, but come 3:30 I went on a suicidal mission and lost around £20 in less than an hour. I stopped then and had a good talking to myself. After dinner, I started to claw some of it back, but I was still making too many mistakes. Still, I managed to get myself within a couple of pounds of being level before the last two races came along and I chucked £11 away.

So that's my horse trading stake back down to £23 and to say I'm frustrated this evening is an understatement. This is indeed going to be a very lean month.

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