Betfair Account Virtually Wiped

After yesterday's poor performance, I proceeded to almost wipe my Betfair account today and had to call on some emergency funds to top it up. At least with such a loss, there's no chance of any premium charges hitting my account.

Fortunately, all is not as it seems as while I was losing big on Betfair, I was winning on Bet365. Oh, I'm such a tease!

Saturday, as I've said many times in the past, is not a good trading day for me simply because I always seem to muck it up, irrespective of what markets I get involved in. So it is very much set aside for bet matching.

Even so, I didn't have great expectations today. My main aim was to get into profit by some £25 to nullify the effects of my failed ante post bets on the English Greyhound derby. The losses would disappear from my account tonight after the final. I could never have imagined that the day would turn out like it did. Yesterday, everything seemed to go against me. Today was the exact opposite.

First up was the opportunity to avail myself of a £10 free bet offer from Paddy Power. A quick visit to the excellent Oddsmatcher facility at and a couple of bets in the Spanish leagues saw me net a free £7.44.

Next up was the Ch4 horse racing offers from Bet365 and of course, the Rolling Free-Bet Matching spreadsheet. I'm sure you are all familiar with this by now, so I won't go into details. Suffice to say, I found a couple of winners and a tidy profit as shown below.

Not bad for less than two hours 'work'. These Bet365 offers are a real doddle and provide a pretty relaxed way of making some easy money, especially when the winners come in.

With that out of the way, and today's mission accomplished and then some, I went and watched the second half of the cup final. Unfortunately for me, it was the Scottish cup final I had to suffer - good strike from Novo though, even if I say so myself as a Celtic fan.

After dinner, I spent some time trading the horse win markets where I took my time, managed to avoid all the favourites as if they had the plague and as a result, came away with £23 in profit from 9 races. I had no major losses other than two 'scratched' trades which cost 20p in total. After yesterday's loss, I was well chuffed with that.

I could have easily stopped for the day, satisfied that I'd made a decent profit. However, there was a bonus in the form of the English Greyhound Derby final from Wimbeldon. This meeting was being covered live by Sky which meant yet more rolling free-bet matching.

This couldn't have gone better if I had planned it. Again, here's a screen shot of the spreadsheet results.

Although that represents a very nice profit in itself, it does not tell the whole story.

Kicking off with a winner was a great start as that is when the real money is made with these offers thanks to the subsequent free bet from Bet365. However, it got better when I found another winner in the 9:25. Thanks to the low odds, my running total after that win was only marginally in the red, which meant that the lay of my following free bet would be all profit.

Unfortunately, the following race had an odds on favourite which meant that the odds spread between Bet365 and Betfair for the other runners was pretty high. Out of curiosity, I checked the figures and it showed Bet365 had an over round of 135% - the thieving b*gg*rs! Not ideal for maximising the profit from this technique, though, to be honest, not drastic when it happens on a free bet.

However, my chosen runner in this race also won, effectively canceling out the poor spread and taking the free bet forward on to the final race - the derby final itself, which was somehow very appropriate. However, before I got there, there was another twist in the tail.

Bet365, along with many other bookies these days, have a best odds offer whereby if the SP is higher than the odds taken then any winner is paid out at SP. That's what happened in the 9:45. 'Bubbly Eagle' went off at 6.00 and that's what I was paid out at when it won. So that spreadsheet doesn't tell the full story as there's another £75 to add to the total thanks to the higher SP. Result!

I put £400 into my Bet365 account this morning. By the time I was finished, there was £1500 there. I'll transfer much of it back to my Betfair account, until the next bout of bet matching that is.

After today's exploits, and the excellent results that came with it, I've just had my best ever day, by a long way. After deducting the £25 lost on the derby ante post bets, I've made a profit of £211.43 and, unbelievably, almost doubled this month's takings in the process.

And to think, I was meant to be decorating my daughter's bedroom this weekend. No doubt she'll moan, but I'll just threaten to stop her 5% cut.

I'm off to bed, with a very satisfied smile on my face.


Anonymous said...

Well done mate - great to see you getting the rewards you deserve for all the effort you put in!

Well done on stayibng away from the Fav as well!


Alistair said...

Thanks Leon.

It never fails to amaze me what a topsy-turvy pastime this is. I could certainly get used to £200+ per day, but I suspect I've got an awful lot of work to do before I do that consistently.


PhilipH said...

Excellent post Alistair and long may you continue in this vein. The horse trading was top hole!

I wonder how many punters lost a bundle on Susan Boyle? She seemed a stone bonker certainty but over the past week or so I thought she might not win; but I still would not have thought a dance troupe would have won either!

Cheers, and continued good trading,

Alistair said...

Many thanks Phil.

It's been quite a dramatic end to the month having doubled my month's profit in the last two days. Some regular profits on that scale would be most welcome.

As for Britain's Got Talent.. Never watch the thing, though I understand these talent/reality shows are extremely good for trading.