Coming Along Nicely

After another, customary client visit on a Monday, I only had the evening available to me for trading. This, after having Sunday off due to the Spanish Grand Prix, being the dutiful son and another test drive session, has not been the most profitable couple of days I've ever had. However, it has been successful none the less.

I'd normally trade the greyhounds on a Monday evening as they have frequently been good to me at that time. I changed my mind when I saw that there was two UK horse meeting on and I thought I'd carry on with my studies.

After Saturday's successes, my stake was up to £23. It wasn't the easiest of sessions, but I'm please to say I came away with a 37% return on stake, which takes my stake up to £32 next time around. Just under £9 doesn't sound a lot, but I'll settle for a 37% daily return once I'm using £1K stakes.

I had a couple of losing races out of the ten I got involved in, along with two or three good recoveries after opening with a loss. I have to say that this more measured approach seems to be working for me. At the risk of tempting fate, that's four profitable trading days out of four with my stake/bank growing from £10 to £32. Hopefully this trend will continue as my stake grows.

I also took the opportunity to do some more in-running hedge monitoring making 8 picks with only one winner at BSP of 4.60. I'll update the PDF file later in the week. For now, I'm off to put the old feet up.


PhilipH said...

Very encouraging. Keep going like this and at the rate of return you should soon be on the crest of a sizeable wave.

Phil H.

Alistair said...

Here's hoping Phil