The Great Escape

Phew! That was a hard day today with only £4.42 added to the pre-race horse win market pot. Not a particularly successful day on paper, but considering I was down over £16 by 4:30 on a stake size of £32, it has to be viewed as some sort of victory.

I was all over the place in the afternoon, for many reasons. The bottom line though was simply a lack of concentration, forgetting what this exercise is all about and slipping into scalping mode - and failing as usual.

It didn't help with there being too many distractions, not least of which was also monitoring the in-running hedging while trying to trade pre-race. Having said that, the hedging picks in the afternoon were particularly successful with four winners found at BSPs of 13.17, 7.43, 9.46 and 7.4. The evening session wasn't as good with no winners found. I've updated the PDF file with the latest results.

At least the evening saw some decent trading and I managed to turn around the £16 deficit into a £4 profit. A great escape indeed. That profit takes my stake for the next session to £36.

Other than that, I had small profits elsewhere. £5.10 was won by bet matching today's Bet365 feature races and a little over £1 on the morning greyhounds from the tiny selection of races I had time to do today.

The greyhound results are rather worrying. Yes, I'm not spending as much time on them. Even so, I'd be looking to win the £34 I've won so far this month in a day. This past week has been quite difficult on the dogs where I've had great problems spotting anything significant. I hope it picks up soon.

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