The Head Or The Heart

Well, here it is! The car I've decided to go for.

I've spent the last two weeks test driving loads of cars, and having a ball doing it. I've been like a kid in a toy shop. It's been made all the more difficult because of the large selection of good cars available these days. I don't remember there being such a choice when I bought my current Peugeot 406 over 9 years ago.

However, as of this afternoon, I still hadn't made my mind up but I had narrowed it down to two cars. The Seat Ibiza Sports Coupe or the Toyota Auris. My head was saying "Auris", but my heart was saying "Ibiza".

The Toyota was probably the sensible choice. A reliable and practicle mid-sized family car. The obvious choice for a family man. However, given that half my family no longer live with me, I decided to 'stuff the family' and do something for me for a change. LOL!

My daughter has given it the thumbs up saying it is 'The Shiz', which I believe is a good thing, but being 47 years young I might have misheard her. I think people of my generation would equate the term to the 'dogs bollocks'.

The order is getting placed tomorrow though the paperwork cannot be done until Monday for the scrappage scheme, with delivery sometime in June.

I'm looking forward to it as I've never bought new before, and I wouldn't have done on this occasion if it hadn't been for the £2000 scrappage allowance and the fact that I've turned £10 into £6000 over the past 14 months. So, thanks to Betfair et al for that. I'll give you a toot on my horn when the car arrives.


PeterWebbHereIcome said...

Yay! Good for you :-)

Must be a great feeling to get something back for all the hard work.

Alistair said...

Cheers. Getting something back is important in helping me keep going.