My Feet Hurt!

Hardly surprising really given the number of times I shoot them!

I seem to have developed the unfortunate habit of starting off with a couple of poor trades which immediately puts me on the back foot. Today was no different other than it was a whole session that I screwed up.

The morning dog markets were strange. The meeting at Sunderland had little money floating around. Certainly no more than one would expect in the first few races on a weekday morning. In contrast, the meeting at Sheffield had bucket loads of the stuff. Why, I do not know.

The difference between the markets made it difficult adjusting to the liquidity from race to race. My main problem was at Sheffield though. Plenty of cash around with loads of opportunities to make a tidy profit, yet I continually found myself on the wrong side of the market. None more so than in the 11:57 where I lost nearly £16! (It didn't help suffering from a twitchy finger and inadvertently TRIPLE clicking resulting in three times the amount being submitted to the market than I intended! LOL!)

After losing a further £5.50 over the next two races I quit with a deficit of £22 in just over an hour.

Strangely though, I didn't feel that bad about it. I just shrugged my shoulders and went for lunch. Nothing I could do about it. I had traded appallingly, possibly the worst I have ever traded the greyhounds.

Refreshed, I started the horse trading quite well. Indeed, throughout the day, I was happy with my horse trading, despite posting some very poor trades and adding a further £5 loss to the total for the day.

I had a couple of bad trades in the afternoon where I lost over £15 in total. Sometimes, I find it all to easy to get sucked into trading the favourite, which is what happened here. The usual story though of opening with a loss then going back in to retrieve it, only to make it worse.

Still, come 7:45, I'd reduced my overall loss to under £10. So I was doing well on the horses despite the aforementioned losses. Then my son arrived....

I really must learn to simply stop trading when Stuart is around. No sooner is he through the door and the noise levels seem to increase tenfold. There was just too many distractions for me to concentrate properly and I lost £18 over the next three races, at which point I stopped.

Bizarrely, even though I'm £27 down today, I am pretty relaxed about it. The damage was really done in the morning on the greyhounds. My horse trading was, in general, pretty good and I was very happy what I was doing. I know where I went wrong with the losses in the afternoon, with the losses in the evening easily avoided by not trading when there's so many distractions.

The point being, despite the losses today, I can honestly say I'm starting to feel that there may be light at the end of the tunnel and I'm actually getting somewhere. Of course, time will tell if that is premature or not.

Anyway, just to let you see the rollercoaster day I've had, here's the race by race combined graph...

Not the prettiest results I've ever posted, but as I said, I feel that I am beginning to get a sense of getting somewhere now with the horses and I'm looking forward to some decent returns in the coming weeks. Something I didn't think I'd be saying this time last week.


PhilipH said...

Yesterday you said "At the risk of tempting fate ..." and today it looks as though you had done just that.

Looking at the bar chart, (a very good and clear way of showing your P/L) I think your somewhat laid back acceptance of the day's efforts is to be congratulated.

Part of an old adage goes something like: "... to accept the things I cannot change, have courage to change the things I can and have the wisdom to know the difference..." or something like that.

Better trading on Friday eh what!

Cheers, Phil.

Alistair said...

Hi Phil,

Yes, there seems to have been a general sea change in my approach. As you know, having a difficult month has led to extreme frustration on my part. This, I am sure. hasn't helped my trading. A more relaxed state of mind will hopefully help - assuming I don't become to relaxed and therefore careless. Another Kiss of Death?

Thanks for popping by.