New Domain Name

Way back in the dim and distant past when I set up a previous incarnation of Bet Your Life, I was forced to use as my preferred choice was not available. When I got into trading and wanted to establish a chat room, among other things, it was easy to resurrect as I still owned the domain name, despite it not rolling off the tongue very easily.

I discovered yesterday that my preferred choice of was now available so I snapped it up. Feel free to adjust your bookmarks to point to

The old domain at still works and will do for some time, but eventually I'd imagine that I'll let that domain lapse. That won't happen for a couple of years though.

The blog is still hosted at

Right, back to the odd jobs. Have a good weekend folks and I'll see you next week.


PhilipH said...

Alistair, Whichever way I go to the two links to your websites I seem to just get the hyphenated address (i.e. - It's odd, or is it just me?


Alistair said...

Don't worry about it Phil. Because the new domain and the old one point to the same web space, it's probably just a caching issue on the ISP's servers. It should sort itself eventually.


Alistair said...

It's all fixed now Phil.

Entering, or (with or without a preceding www) will display the new domain in the address bar.