On The Other Hand, Maybe Not

Having spent much of today revamping the Bet Your Life blog so that it was hosted under betyourlife.co.uk rather than on blogger.com, as described in my last post, I've reset it back to what it was.

Every time I made a change, no matter how small, blogger insisted on republishing the whole blog. All 400+ pages of it. This would take upwards of 10 mins each time and can only get worse as the blog expands. So, reluctantly, it will have to stay where it is though I still want to change the design. It just means I'll have to do it in two places.

At least my horse trading was a bit more successful than my web design exploits. Despite a hiccup towards the tail end of the afternoon where a number of losers cost me nearly £16, I managed to recover all but a couple of quid of yesterday's loss. This was helped by my best trade to date.

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