Progressing, If A Bit Sloppy

I hadn't intended to trade today, partly as it was a Saturday, but mainly as I was knocking holes in plaster and ripping skirting boards off in preparation for laying laminate flooring in my daughters bedroom. I was finished by 3:00pm so I thought I'd 'give it a bash'.

As you can see from the now somewhat customary graph, I had a very good day with the inevitable sloppy mistakes preventing it from being an excellent one. I had 7 losers today costing some £22 which restricted my profit to £26. Once I eliminate those mistakes, my profit will dramatically increase.

All the same, progress is clearly being made, so it's very much a case of carrying on as I am doing (but working on those mistakes) and I'll be looking to increase my stakes accordingly in a few weeks.

The only disappointing thing today was the failure of my one remaining ante post bet to make it to the final of the English Greyhound Derby at Wimbledon. If it had, I would have been able to green up for a decent profit. As it was, its odds hadn't dropped far enough by the semi-final to allow me to do that. So a total of £25 lost, which will disappear from my account next Saturday after the final.

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