Slow And Steady Wins The Race

I won't go into today's performance too much as I'm just about to head out the door.

I did a little greyhound trading this morning, but felt rather nervous after yesterday's poor show so I only did 5 races and added a couple of quid to the pot. Instead, I went into the garden and did some much needed weeding. That's how nervous I was!

The horse trading came along nicely. I traded a total of 35 races and lost 8 of those at a cost of £23.86! Rather disappointing, but I'm not too bothered by that as I know where my mistake was in most of those, especially the bigger ones. A touch of favourititis.

Sometimes the favourite is like the sirens feared by mariners. Their call is so tempting with such wonderful promises. It's hard to resist at times and there in lies my downfall. Having said that, looking back over the bets I placed, if I held my opening position, and not be phased by the 'noise', each one of those would have been profitable trades. How many times do I say that? I'm sure as my experience grows, I'll be able to resist the urge to panic.

So, despite a few too many losers, I still came away with a profit of a little under £20, thanks in no small part to the last race of the day where I posted my best single race profit to date.


Drifter said...

Good Work Alistair.

A good profit is always a nice way to finish the day.


Alistair said...

Cheers Drifter. I'm quite pleased with progress so far, though I need to work at eliminating the number of mistakes I'm making. I'll get there though.


Anonymous said...

hmm now i got: Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80 error
Any idea Ali?


Alistair said...

Just noticed this myself Harvy and put a message on the blog.

It's a problem with the servers at Parachat who host the chat room. Nothing I can do about it I'm afraid and we'll just have to wait until it comes back on line.



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Alistair said...

Sorry Dan, I completely forgot about this.

I'll put a link to your blog on the links page. It should be up in the next couple of days.