The Struggle Continues

Thanks mainly to a £50 bonus from Bet365, I actually had a decent return today. As for my trading though, well the least said about that the better.

I made £18 match betting the Bet365 CH4 offers in the afternoon, but threw £13 of that away trading 4 evening races.

I also made £15 in the morning thanks to the greyhounds, but threw most of that away trying to trade the English Derby heats at Wimbledon. Plenty of money around so used bigger stakes. So much for that idea. Unfortunately, 2 of my remaining 3 dogs were eliminated in their heats so I'm left with only one ante post bet there and I doubt that I'll be able to lay it off at any stage to recoup the £20 I've already lost.

This trading lark is really getting me down at the moment. Specifically, the horse win markets. It's just not clicking for me, and showing no signs of doing so anytime soon. I've made nearly £60 on the horses so far this month. However, all but £3 of that has been due to match betting the Bet365 offers.

In addition, my greyhound trading is still very poor so I do not have that to fall back on either.

I'll keep plugging away in the hope that things pick up again, but I'm seriously considering if it is worth the effort at the moment.


Rob The Builder said...


Just check your monthly P&L chart. We all have bad months ( I was -£80 in April ), but your figures suggest that you have more good months than bad. Even if you don't make another penny in May, you'll be averaging £530 or so per month this year.

PhilipH said...

OK, your monthly average over the year to date is something you can be justly proud of ... but like so many things in life one can eventually become disillusioned with whatever one is doing.

And when all the time, mental effort and enthusiasm starts to take its toll, well, the question is "Can this be really worth it?"

I've had many jobs in my lifetime and each and every one of them ended because I questioned why I was putting up with all the never-ending struggle to keep going with them. Each job was great to start with. There was the initial "high" at just getting the job and for a while, sometimes years, the job began to pall - and I sought pastures new.

Your trading is well above average, in my opinion, but it does not come easy of late. I can fully understand your questioning of its value.

All the best, Phil H.