Your Biggest Trading Regret?

Mine? That's easy. Two weeks before the 2009 F1 season started, I was advised to back Button to win the world Championship by the excellent SoccerLotto site. He was 66/1 to win at that time. Two weeks later and before the first race had started, he'd dropped to around 3/1.

Now, after yet another fabulous drive, this time at Monaco, he's currently sitting on 51pts, 16pts ahead of his nearest rival and team mate, Barrichello. As I type this, he's trading at 1.36 to lay in the Driver's Championship market on Betfair.

I doubt that I'll come across an opportunity like that again. Not anytime soon anyway.

At least the horse racing is continuing to show very encouraging signs. I managed to catch the last 14 races today, having spent the early part of the afternoon doing the usual Sunday visit to family.

I'm delighted to say I only lost 2 of those costing less than a fiver and finished up with a few pence shy of £25. Hopefully this progress will continue in the coming week, by the end of which I shall look to increase my stakes slightly.

I'll have my IT Consultant's hat on tomorrow so not much trading for me, during the day anyway. Good luck to you if you're getting involved.


Cassini said...

So what is the regret - that was a great tip! Is it that you didn't have more on Button? That 66 is still tasty even if you only had a small flutter.

leonthefixer said...

Hi mate, not sure if you have seen my blog post about getting racing pictures?

The Betfair Live Video option might suit you.

Good to see you are getting to grips with the horses - keep it up.

Alistair said...

Hi guys.

The regret, Cassini, is that I was too focussed on my own trading that I dismissed the tip out of hand and didn't put any money on it. C'est la vie.

Leon, I did see your post regarding pics. Unfortunately, any streaming video swamps my limited broadband which barely gets above 1.2Mb. As a result, it severely effects bet submission via Binarysoft.

I'll muddle along as I'm doing, but once I get the spare bedroom converted (how long have I been saying that?) I'll be able to look into getting pics.


John said...

You should never ever regret not taking a position in my opinion. I will admit to not backing button and I study the F1 markets - they are the only markets I play with! But I don’t regret not taking a position. Do you regret not laying all of the other 19 drivers?

More importantly would you have regretted following the tip, only to see Button’s price move out to 150 within a few days because they were running light fuel in all the practice sessions. Or would you have accepted it as a loss and moved on to the next trade? Whether you win or loose a trade I don’t think you should dwell on it or in anyway regret it. Just make sure you traded the movement as well as you could and move on to the next one. Regretting not backing someone is more akin to gambling.

Glad to see your horse trading is picking up.