Back Down To Earth With A Bump

Well, the euphoria of the weekend didn't last long as June gets off to a losing start.

I lost a little on Monday evening, but saved the worst for today. Greyhounds, horses and soccer all returned negative sums with virtually everything I touched today heading south.

The greyhound markets continue to be weird for me and I only tried the first 4 races and lost every one of them.

The poor performance continued with the nags where I traded profitable trade with losing trade throughout much of the afternoon. Thanks to two Bet365 matched bets, I was in profit until the 5:00 which saw three losing races on the trot costing me £14, at which point I stopped.

I returned to try again in the evening, but immediately kicked off with another three losers at a cost of £19. I finally took the hint and left the horses alone.

My poor decision making wasn't finished though as, through frustration more than anything else, I got involved in the France v Nigeria match. I went into the correct score market without any sort of plan and nearly got myself in a mess. I managed to escape with a £1.50 loss.

The only thing that did go right today, from a trading point of view, was a small scale foray into the tennis markets where I tried a bit of scalping and came away with 25p in profit!

I'm at the point where I think I give up on the dog racing completely. I'm finding that my lost ability to trade these markets for the past 6-7 weeks is leading to frustration and poor decision making. Not only that, it is affecting my frame of mind such that I'm not fully focussed when the horse racing comes along.

Decorating tomorrow, so don't know if I'll be able to trade at all tomorrow. Good luck if you get involved.

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PhilipH said...

It's weird the way luck swings up and down. Especially odd that you are considering ditching the dog trading; this is the field in which you specialised when I first started following your postings. I thought it was amazing that greyhound racing was something that anybody could trade on as it is such a short time-span in which to work.

Talking of luck: I had just £2.50 left in my Willy Hill account yesterday. I selected three nags and had them in singles, a 5p win Trixie (yes 3 5p doubles and 5p treble) and to use it up I had a 5p ew treble. The three all won, and I returned £100.56 by 5.30 pm.

I just placed the bet and forgot about it, intending really just to clear my account out.

Golden Groom (I took 14-1)won 8-1
Dancing Lyra (I took 6-1)won 9-1
Simple Rhythm (took 11-4) won 4-1

So, luck was really with me as I took under the odds for two of them and almost twice the odds on Golden Groom. Sheer luck all round as two of these nags were just "mug" type picks because of the link to ballroom dancing. Golden Groom was something put up on geegeez blog as a possibility in the 5 pm race yesterday. I really had no intention of having a bet but just thought I'd empty the account at Hills. Don't expect this will happen again for many many moons, if ever! I have now withdrawn the whole lot and shall not be having a bet until Friday and Saturday - Derby time!

Cheers, Phil