Disrupted Week

I already knew that this week would suffer from a lack of trading, primarily due to my nephew requiring knee surgery at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. He and my sister were staying with me as they are unfamiliar with the area, so I was designated chief taxi driver.

I have to say, more time was wasted due to the shocking disorganisation on the part of the NHS, which saw my sister and I spend the whole of today waiting in the hospital in order to see the surgeon, and wait for a physiotherapist to grace us with her presence before Sean could be taken home. I didn't get back until after 5pm.

Over the past few days, my trading has been somewhat sporadic and relatively ineffectual in terms of increasing the bank. Fortunately, I was able to settle down for a full evening worth of trading today.

I'm pleased to say that another profit was had, though I did get rather sloppy as the evening wore on. This resulted in losing 6 of the last 9 races. A bit annoying, but what's important is the profit of £24, which takes me over £400 for the month. Very chuffed with that.

My visitors are away home now so I'll be able to settle back into the normal trading routine tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi alistair,i am what you would call a novice trader just wanted to know what info helps you make your entry/exit pointsi.e graphs/w.o.m many thanks

Alistair said...

The way my trading has been recently, I'm not sure anything helps me. However, I try to make use of the graphs, paying particular attention to historical support and resistance points along with moving average and Bollinger bands.

I don't rely heavily on WOM, but it serves as an indicator when everything else is pointing the same way.