Flash In The Pan

Weren't they a pop group in the musically dreadful 80s? Or was that Flash And The Pan? Sorry I digress.

Yesterday's record breaking exploits didn't spill over to today unfortunately. Back to the usual inconsistent rubbish with two losers in the last races putting me in the red for the day. Only £8 lost, so no big deal. I'm just glad to get today out of the way.

I found the markets incredibly volatile this afternoon with little money floating around. That was my first mistake, in that I kept going in too early, probably as a leftover from yesterday. As a result, I found myself continually getting caught by reversals. No excuses though. I just traded very badly.

Back in the saddle in a couple of days as I'll have visitors until Wednesday probably.


Steve said...

I actually thought the liquidity for today was fine with quite alot of money around for a sunday and even managed a decent profit. Although to be honest I generally find Sundays a waste of time and effort and usually take the day off because switching from high liquidity saturdays to low liquidity means I overstake and don't adapt to the different trading conditions.

Alistair said...

Failure to adapt is an excellent way to describe it. Historically, I tend not to trade Saturdays so doing so well in the high liquidity of Royal Ascot Saturday certainly affected my trading on Sunday.

Anyway, I'll soon get that small loss back and, with one week left of June, this month is looking to be one hell of a lot better than I had originally geared myself up for.


PhilipH said...

Hi, hope your system is OK since removing the follower tag? These glitches are a mystery, aren't they.

Watching Federer right now. Hope he does regain his crown this year but it's sad that Nadal isn't in there punching away this year.

Of course, if Andy Murray can win the title then that would be stupendously great, but somehow I think he may have to wait till 2010.

Alistair said...

hi Phil, everything seems to be fine now. For some reason, your thumbnail had disappeared and was causing reporting issues with the web analysis software I use.

Anyway, it seems to be OK now so feel free to 'follow' again.


Advanced Ratings said...

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Alistair said...

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the link. Happy to swap and I'll get a link to yours up in the next couple of days.