How To Eat An Elephant

It may be coincidental, but I noticed a rather curious thing yesterday while looking through my previous results.

As regular readers are no doubt aware, I've been having a bad time of it recently. Not for the first time and certainly not the last. My moments of self doubt, poor performance and lack of self belief seem to be cyclic in nature - remarkably so. Every two months roughly, which ties in very well with a medical condition I was diagnosed with over a year ago.

I suffer from a B12 deficiency. A vitamin that is essential for the creation of red blood cells. My body is incapable of absorbing B12 from food and as a result, I receive regular injections to boost my levels. Guess what? I get these every two months.

I know I am due an injection, not by having the date entered on my calender, but simply by the fact that I get tired. I start feeling lethargic, cannot concentrate, my memory slips and my reaction times are noticeable longer. Once I get my boost, I'm back to normal after a couple of days. I had a boost on Friday.

Coincidence? There's a fair chance of that, but it may be something else I need to keep an eye on.

A friend of mine once advised me that one cannot eat an elephant in anything other than small bites. I won't go into what prompted that particular pearl of wisdom, but it struck me very pertinent to my trading of late.

Not withstanding my medical history outlined above, lately, I've perhaps been trying too hard to get the trading back on track. The pressure to do so in a speedy fashion has been greater since my dog trading has been suffering for a few weeks now. As a result, I may have been forcing the pre-race horse trading too quickly in a desperate attempt to compensate.

With the memory of my friend's advice still ringing in my ears, I have endeavoured to take a step back from what I had been trying to do, and return to first principles. In essence, I have tried to be more particular about what races I get involved in, and what runners I choose to trade.

Also, although I'm still using the same odds dependent stake size of £20-£100, I'm taking smaller tick profits. I'm still making those annoying mistakes like turning an all green profit into a loss, but at least I've made a profit in each of the past three days, with £16 being made today alone.

That's me back, more or less, level for the month. So I think I can safely write the past week off and move on from here.

Still in the spirit of eating that elephant, the more observant of you will have noticed that I've been nibbling away at the design of the website/blog. This is partly to make room for other things I have planned as well as making the look and feel a little more unique rather than all the other blogs using the same blogger template.

The main change, apart from the graduated backgrounds is the fact that the width of the site is no longer fixed. For those of you with bigger monitors, the site will expand accordingly, giving you more info on the screen without having to scroll.

That's it from me for now. Thanks to all those who made comments on my last post. Sorry I haven't had the opportunity to reply to them, but rest assured they are very much appreciated.

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