June Summary

Today's trading finished off the month with a profit, keeping up the alternating nature of my trading these days, and sees me end the month with a profit of £436.

Listed below are the totals for each market/sport I got involved in throughout the month:

Greyhounds... £36.09
Horses... £391.50
Soccer... -£1.47
Tennis... £0.25

As you can see from the figures above, this month was spent trading the horses for the most part, though the profit of £391.50 doesn't reflect my trading efforts as £148.28 of that was due to matching betting the bet365 4/1+ Channel 4 and Feature horse races. Still, that leaves £243 thanks to trading the pre-race horse markets.

To be honest, I'm not sure whether to be happy with that or not. Looking back at the end of May, and the beginning of this month, I had psyched myself up for June being a lean month. I knew I wanted to concentrate on the horses as this is where I see my future trading. This was especially true as my greyhound trading has seen a major dip in profit since April.

So, having geared myself up for a quiet month, I'm delighted to have made £243 trading the nags and over £400 for the month over all.

Having said that, I'm slightly disappointed as I know that it could have been so much more if my trading hadn't been so erratic at times. As I mentioned yesterday, and throughout the month for that matter, I have a nasty habit of throwing much of my profit away.

The customary P&L graph with running total clearly illustrates the point. In this case, the graph shows the performance from horse trading alone.

Two things that are obvious from the graph. Firstly, I take heart from the fact that the average daily loss is much smaller in magnitude than the average winning day.

Secondly, the second half of the month in particular, was where I really became inconsistent with the profit and losses throughout each day canceling each other out. This may reflect a change in trading style, greater risk taking or just incompetence on my part. In any event, it is clearly something I need to work on.

I'm encouraged by the results from this month, despite my obvious frustrations at times as reflected in my posts. There is still lots of work to do, but there is certainly hope.

One of the disappointing things to happen this month was the receipt of the email from bet365 banning me from receiving any free bets or bonuses. This was inevitable I suppose, but still a great shame as their 4/1 horse racing offers, combined with the 2/1 televised greyhound offers, where a great source of income.

Whilst I can no longer avail myself of these, I'd encourage anyone who hasn't done them to do so. It really is easy money. To this end, I'll leave my spreadsheet up on the site for download should anyone require it. Please note though, as I can no longer do the offers, I won't be developing it further.

Having decided to concentrate on the nags, I've done very little else. I had intended to look at tennis in particular, but that was not to be. I feel I need to become more proficient on the horses before I start expanding my portfolio. So much to do, so little time.

With that in mind, July will be more of the same. Concentrate on the horses and slowly increasing my stakes as I go. I must also find the time to research some football trading strategies in readiness for the new season. This is particularly important for the winter months when there will be no evening racing.

I also took some time out to revamp the site a bit. Hopefully it is a little more distinctive and less like all the other blogger blogs that use the same template. I've got a few more changes in the pipeline which will get added as and when I can find the time.

As ever, thanks to all those who take the time to read this blog, particularly those who are prepared to leave comments and advice. This is much appreciated and helps to maintain the will to keep publishing my musings.

Good luck with your trading for the coming month. I'll be here as usual.


Anonymous said...


I have read your blog from the start and have thought it was worth reading as you say how you feel when the trading goes well and not so well.

I keep waiting for you to say that's enough I can't take any more and give up.

Then I remember that you are a fellow Scot and WE NEVER GIVE UP.

Well done on your profit for june.


Alistair said...

Hi Strang,

I know I moan a lot on the blog, but then that was one of the reasons for creating it in the first place. It's invaluable for venting my frustrations (frequently) and getting things off my chest. It all helps to put things in perspective the next day.

As for giving up, as long as I'm making money long term, that won't happen. Granted, sometimes my frustrations give that impression, but having started with £10 and never had a losing month there's no danger of me packing trading in.

Why do I tempt fate so? LOL!

When I started, I said £400 would be something I'd be happy with because that would make a difference. I'm achieving that now, but I'm not going to settle for that now. Ultimately, I want to achieve £1000 per month. That's a tough task, but I believe it is possible. It may take a while, but that's the aim.

Thanks for popping by.


Brian said...

Great blog and well done for June's profit. The most important thing is you made a profit and are focused on the future.

Bet365 ban new accounts for me within an hour, god knows how they do it but they do.

Anonymous said...

its funny i reached around 430$ in last month too :) (too bad your currency worth around 1,6x more)