No Pain No Gain

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past few days. I have had my DIY hat on. I've been working on my daughter's bedroom, decorating and preparing it for laminate flooring - which I did on Sunday. I've been in agony ever since. It's when I do big projects like that that I realise how dreadfully unfit I am.

My sedentary lifestyle of spending much of my time in front of a computer, either professionally or as a trader, is really taking it's toll. I must get back into my regular walking regime. Not this morning though. I'm just too damn sore and tired. I slept until 11:00 and now I don't know if I feel better for it or not.

Not much to report on the trading front as I haven't done a great deal since Friday. I caught a few races on Saturday and Sunday during breaks in the DIY as well as doing a few of the evening races last night. Those exploits have added around £30 to the pot so quite happy with that.

Looking forward to getting fully back into the swing of things today. Good luck if you are getting involved.


PhilipH said...

Appropo nothing really. Just mentioned something on another blog about the last at Ascot today.

Horse name: George Baker
Trainer: George Baker
Jockey: George Baker

Is this a record? Can it win?

Who cares, I hear you scream!

Cheers Phil

Alistair said...

Is it worth sticking a baker's dozen on it? Probably not and as you say, 'who cares?'

Stranger things have happened mind you.