Normal Service Is Resumed

With a loss of £38 in the horse markets it would seem that my trading was particularly poor today. However, it's not as bad as it seems with over £29 of that due to finding a winner in the Bet365 featured race at Hamilton this evening. This means of course that I have a free bet in the 3:00 at Nottingham tomorrow where I shall recover all of that plus a bit extra.

That leaves me just short of £9 lost through trading today. Again, I'm not as bothered by the amount as by the manner in which it was lost.

Too many times did I enter the market just as it was turning, only to go back again after trading out for a loss. Too many times was I hit by a sudden, sharp reversal which left me up to 10 ticks in the red and fighting to reduce the loss. Too many times did I find myself all green only to go in for a bit more and wind up significantly in the red. And finally, too many times did I find myself trying to recover a loss on a horse that simply wasn't moving while the rest of the market was steaming or drifting wildly.

I entered 28 races and lost 9 of them costing over £36! Losing 33% of races is bad enough, but the size of the loses when I do is really killing me. I must learn to be more particular in which races/runners I trade and get out sooner. Having said that, I tend not to have one trade ending in a big loss. Rather it is made up of a number of losing trades where I go back in to recover the situation and only make it worse.

Perhaps I need to learn to walk away from that horse, or indeed race, if I have a loser. Having said that, there's many times when I have recovered from an initial losing position and finished up with a profit. Oh, decisions, decisions.

To round of the day I earned a few pounds on the greyhounds as well as collecting a £10 bonus from Bet365. So only a £25 loss today with a profit of some £40+ from the aforementioned free bet to look forward to tomorrow.

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