Struggling Along

Thank goodness for the Bet365 4/1+ offers. If it wasn't for them, I think I may well have given up on trading the horses.

27 races traded today and only 5 losing races (ignoring the 4 I scratched for a few lost pennies). Unfortunately, those 5 races cost £27.50 and wiped out all but £2.50 of my profit.

My two biggest problems are still with me. Namely, being drawn in to trading the favourite and letting the noise trick me into taking a 1-2 loss when I had got the direction of the trend correct.

A classic example of that was the 3.50 at Newbury. I thought the favourite was about to drift, so I laid 'Kinetix' @ 1.90. It drifted out to around 2.2 before the off, yet I came away with a loss of nearly £7. Go figure!

I then lost another £6 in the very next race! It's these big losses that are doing my head in as they are, in one fell swoop, wiping out all the good work that had gone before.

I had a bigger loss later on, but I won't bother going into details. It was more of the same I'm afraid. Fortunately, I found the evening racing a little easier to handle and managed to recover my losses and get myself into profit, albeit to the tune of only a couple of quid.

I still came away with over £50 profit though thanks to Bet365's featured races and the free bet I had earned by finding a winner yesterday. I must say though, I'd be a lot happier if I was earning £50 from the trading.

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