This Parrot Is Dead

Normally, I'm off seeing a client on a Monday, so it is a rare thing for me to find myself in front of the afternoon race markets. If today's performance is anything to go by, I hope that I'm never again in that position.

I started off fairly gently before losing nearly £12 in the third race. It was down hill from there on in. Loss after loss followed, with only a brief interlude in between, culminating in losses of £18 and £11 in the 4:30 and 4:45 respectively. By the time I'd finished the 5:00, I found myself some £50 down on the day. Easily my worst ever performance.

I found the markets extremely difficult today with trade after trade immediately turning on me whenever I entered the market. I'd get out for a five or more tick loss, only for the market to ultimately end up at my entry point. This happened so many times it became funny in a rather surreal, Pythonesque way.

Rather than stopping, I continued to try and trade the markets with a somewhat carefree attitude, finding the situation bizarrely fascinating and all the while hoping, just for once, that a big jump would happen in my favour. No such luck.

Once that magic £50 deficit had been breached, I stopped.

In contrast, the evening session was a breeze. I had a different attitude. I was much more focussed and determined to reduce the loss if for no other reason than to stop my monthly total falling below £400.

This I managed to do, ending the day with a loss of £17. Quite a recovery considering where I was a few hours ago. It's not often a loss feels like a win, but it certainly does tonight.

That's twelve days now that I have alternated between profit and loss. It is, to say the least, becoming extremely annoying and demoralising. The greyhound markets were never like that for me. However, I shall keep plugging away in the hope that I will find some consistent wins.


Brian Coplin said...

Focus. Believe you will win and the rest is history.

PhilipH said...

Don't know how you're doing it Alistair. So many ups and downs would make me sea-sick, or just sick.

Your dogged determination will see you through; as long as you have a profit at the end of the month then you have done well.

Cheers, Phil