Thumbs Up To Ffos Las

I've often wondered if other traders have a 'bogey' course. One where they always seem to lose. I've been thinking that of Ripon recently. Virtually all of yesterday's losing trades where at the Yorkshire course. So when I opened today's proceedings with a near £8 loss at that very track, I immediately thought, 'here we go again'.

Fortunately, everything went swimmingly from there on in, with one exception. I messed up the 8:10 at Leicester and wiped 30% from the profit I had built up. Still, I managed to get it back in subsequent races and wound up with a decent £35 profit for the day.

I particularly enjoyed trading the races at the new Ffos Las Racecourse in Wales. I guess the thinner markets were more my cup of tea. I only had one disappointment where I managed to turn a £3 profit into a 67 pence loss in the last. Other than that, I traded that course really well.

I got involved in 24 races today, losing 5 of those at a cost of £18.63 though £16.64 of that was in the two aforementioned races. Apart from those two slip ups, I was really pleased with my trading today, managing to catch some reasonable swings in the process.

If I can keep the same sort of return going over the next few days, I'll look to slightly increase my stakes once again. Here's hoping.

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