Conspiracy Theory

Isn't it strange when things don't seem to be going right in life, everything seems to conspire against you?

I had one of those moments today that meant I came away with a very unwelcome loss, despite my trading being in profit.

I spend a couple of hours this morning trading the greyhounds. This went very well and, as I traded the 13:44 before switching to the horses, I was in profit for the day to the tune of £23. At this point, I opened another trade by backing 'Dans Your Man' looking for a couple of ticks in the last 30secs before the off.

No sooner had my finger lifted off the mouse button and my broadband connection went down. I was left unable to cancel the bet, or even confirm if it had been matched or not. Twenty minutes later it was back up and I was able to confirm that it indeed had been matched. You won't be surprised to learn that Dan certainly wasn't my man and I had lost £48 and I was over £25 down on the day, even though my dog trading had been really good.

That of course put me on the back foot, and with my horse trading being so erratic of late, I wasn't holding out any hope of recovering it. Sure enough, I had had some really good trades but, true to form, I had some really bad ones.

To cut a long story short, I lost £8 on the horses which left me with a £33 deficit for the day. Obviously, the poor horse trading didn't help, but the damage was done by that broadband failure.

Funny the timing of these things. Literally one second later and I wouldn't have been able to submit the bet. The risk we take I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Did you not try and phone Betfair?

If I remember right you have your mobile next to you so should have been on the phone to them within seconds?

You may have had to have closed out for a loss but it would have been much less than the £48.

Also £48 is a little more than 6 months of mobile broadband. Had you have had that on a cheap/old laptop you would have been able to close out.

As you say, having the internet or power go down is part of the risk of trading.

Sure it won't take you long to get it back!

PhilipH said...

What a choker! Crashes like this are so frustrating; when it happens during trading it can be catastrophic.

What is the reason for this? Are you sure you've not raped a nun or something similar Alistair? Or is it just the curse of cyberspace?

Hope you have better luck today.

Alistair said...


No, I didn't try phoning Betfair. I trade the dogs so close to the off that the market would be suspended before I was able to place a closing trade by phone.

Like any insurance policy, it's all about risk and whether it is worth the cost. I've always taken the view that these things balance themselves out over time, and, given my staking levels, it's not worth the cost.

If I ever get to grips with the pre-race horse markets I shall have to reevaluate that position. I'll probably end up with two broadband lines. One dedicated to trading, with the other used by my daughter and to provide me with a backup.

That's for the future. For now, I'm happy to take the risk. It's not that it happens very often.

Hi Phil,

To be honest, I don't find crashes like this that frustrating. An occupational hazard. What I find frustrating is my on-going battle with the pre-race horse markets and my inability to master them. Everything else pales into insignificance in comparison.