A Difficult Day

With an all red position in the 2nd Ashes Test, today was always going to start off on the back foot. Although there had been enough fluctuations in price since my last update to enable me to limit, if not totally recover my position on the cricket, I was unwilling to commit more money to a market I was unsure of. In any case, I wasn't around on Sunday when the opportunity arose. I had taken the decision earlier to take the hit, so I was down £25 at the start of play today.

I pulled a fair portion of that back thanks to the greyhounds, though a couple of stupid mistakes later in the day halved my profit from the dogs.

As I've mentioned before, I'm currently paper trialling something that I hope will provide a different method of tackling the horses. One of the problems with such an exercise is boredom. As a result, over the past few days, I've been trading the horses in between my monitoring.

I've been religiously sticking to higher priced runners, primarily between odds of 8.0 and 12.0, using twice as much money but looking for less ticks. This has been working quite well having profited 4 days in a row. Today's performance put an end to that.

I was caught very badly in two of the first three races I attempted, quickly finding myself £20 down. Although I got a little back, I never really recovered from that poor start and wound up losing £15 on the nags.

Given that I normally see a client on a Monday, it's unusual for me to be trading Monday markets. Starting the week some £31 down wasn't part of the plan.

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