Easy Come, Easy Go

I seem determined to avoid making any money at all this month.

After yesterday's poor performance, I stayed away from trading for much of the day. I tinkered in the place markets early on, but soon got bored and spent the afternoon washing the car.

I didn't return until well after 4:00, just in time to find myself catching a fair bit of the substantial move on 'Secret Millionaire' in the 4:50. It's amazing what a decent swing trade can do for the morale. Nearly £22 better off, I felt a lot happier than I had yesterday evening, that's for sure.

As so often is the case with my horse trading though, it was short lived. I lost £6 three races later, but worse was to come when I came back for the evening races.

The 7:00 at York saw me lose nearly £40 when I got caught by a sudden reversal that took with it, not only my back stake that I had placed ahead of the market in an attempt to get matched, but the stake I had failed to cancel a few ticks higher up. So I wound up with twice as much money in the market than I intended and the market racing away in the wrong direction.

Time to switch off and watch the TV. It's a stupid bloody pastime anyway.

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