Jiminy Cricket

I've had a little nibble on the cricket in the past, the most recent being a £4.50 win on trading Australia in the 1st test of the current Ashes series. Today though, I felt a little more adventurous.

Studying the various forums I frequent, the general consensus of opinion was leaning strongly towards another draw in the 2nd test - and certainly not an England win - particularly with the weather forecast to deteriorate. Due to my extended and enforced lie-in yesterday, I missed the opportunity I had intended to catch, namely laying the opening bowling team.

Having had a reasonable innings yesterday, England's odds had dropped to a level where I was happy to lay them this morning. I stuck £50 on at odds of 3.70 and waiting for them to drift as the Aussie's set about the batting. I could have traded out for a greened up profit of £4.50, but I was looking for £10-£15 so I hung on.

No sooner had I taken that decision and the first wicket was taken, quickly followed by the second and with it, my stop loss, configured to trade out at a loss of £25, was fired and I was all red.

England drifted again to around 4.5 before taking a few more wickets and are now sitting around the 1.5 mark as I type this.

In my view, not that I am in any way a cricket expert, the Aussie's are unlikely to bat so poorly for a second time, even if they are forced to follow on, so I'm thinking of laying England again in the hope that if the Aussie's cannot deliver, then the weather will. Even an Australian stand of a couple of hours will cause England's price to drift so that I can at least reduce my liability.

I'll sleep on it tonight and decide in the morning, assuming I can crawl out of bed in time!

Losing £25 on the cricket is not a major disaster. Indeed, I'm even considering just taking the hit as I've covered that loss with today's performance on the dogs and the nags. Yes, I won some money on the horses! Will wonders never cease?

I've been paper trialling something this past week, but I always get bored doing such things. As a result, I've been tinkering with my pre-race trading and actually getting somewhere. I'm very aware of having said that before, so I'm not getting that excited. I did however, make over £22 today losing only one race - for the grand sum of £0.01. I traded 17 races, scratching 8 of them.

I also made £14 on the greyhounds in the morning, so a reasonable day trading the pre-race markets which makes the hit on the cricket, if I decide to take it, a little more palatable.


ballb0y said...

I like you was going to go against the Tiger yesterday, me at 5. something. Alas I bottled it in favour of just monitoring my open trades and the chance has passed. FYI I have used the "back the outsider" strategy in 3 tournaments now, using about 10 players staking approx £20 in total each time. It's hit & miss even if you know your golfers (like previous open champions who missed the cut!), but I am showing profit using this method. Happy golfing!

Alistair said...

"Even if you know your golfers"

Therein lies the rub, ballb0y. It's been so long since I followed/played golf that I can honestly say there are many players in that field I'd never heard off!

Regarding Tiger, I think he will always be under priced in major competitions. He's one of those sportsmen that Joe Public always expect to win.