Late Evening Madness

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. I seem to have so many other things on the go at the moment that my daily blog updates are taking a bit of a hit.

I managed to do a bit of trading yesterday evening after returning from my weekly trip to a client. As it was, it turned into a good evening with a little profit on the dogs and even more profit from the horses of all things. Indeed, I got involved in 10 races and didn't lose any. If only it were always that simple.

This morning I spent an hour on the greyhounds, but I found that my software was somewhat 'sticky' in submitting bets, so I stopped with only £7 on the board.

Buoyed by my success on the horses last night, I did a bit more trading on the horses while carrying on with my paper trial.

I had the occasional screw up, but I also had some really good trades as well. By the end of the afternoon session, I was £14 up. Things were looking even rosier when I started off my evening trading with a £10 profit.

With help and encouragement from Steve, a frequent chat room visitor, I've been working very hard at trying to get my entry points correct, as well as holding my nerve when the market turns temporarily against me. This has, in the main been working well, though I'm the first to admit there's a heck of a long way to go.

Today was probably the most successful example of that work. Up until the 7:40, I was £36 up for the day and looking to make £50 for the first time for a while. Unfortunately, I then had a 30min, 3 race spell where I completely lost the plot - as well as my horse racing profit!

Since I'm sure you've all been missing my P&L graphs, here's one I prepared earlier...

So, after a very promising day, half an hour of madness late in the evening session has left me with £4 to show for my efforts today.

Better than a loss I suppose.

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