Yesterday evening's sudden and dramatic loss of profit was simply a precursor to today's efforts. I couldn't read a comic today, far less the pre-race horse markets.

I traded in 19 races today and lost 8 of them at a cost of £78.23, with the evening racing being particularly bad. I threw away over £36 in a 20 min spell starting at 7:00 ending with a £20 loss in the 7:20. At this point, I threw the toys out of the pram having cut my running total for the month by nearly 60%.

In the end, I came away with a loss of £56 for the day and the worst set of trades I can remember.


Anonymous said...

I too managed to lose about 75% of my bank yesterday after 3 months successful trading.

jace said...


Were you using an automated stop-loss? In my mind the market is too volatile at times to leave yourself exposed. Mental stop-loss are no good, always pressure to leave it and see if the price returns.

Just a thought,

Be well