Profit At Last

Having taken a few days off after virtually wiping out what profit I had made this month, I decided to keep well clear of those foul smelling beast and return to what has been fertile ground for me since last September.

The greyhound markets before the the main horse racing starts continue to have good money in them and I was able to make £30 in the morning session. A very welcome profit after recent trading efforts.

I returned in the evening, hoping to get myself through the £40 barrier. I nearly made it, but, having got myself within a few pence of that goal, I made a mess of the last race I traded and lost over £6, which was rather disappointing.

I traded 52 markets today and made £33, though losing £21 over seven races was rather poor. An average losing trade of £3 is disappointing compared to the average win of £1.20. Having said that, given the thinness of these markets, it's not surprising.

So, all in all, a satisfactory day which I hope to build on during what is left of this month.


PhilipH said...

You'll be glad to see the back of July, eh Alistair?

Full marks for tenacity. Hopefully you will find next month more august, so to speak.

Cheers, Phil

Alistair said...

I sure will Phil. It's been a shocking month for me make no mistake.