Windoze Pains

I've just spent much of this evening repairing a friend's computer so that he could get access to his family photographs. What should have taken 30 mins turned into a 3 hr marathon. And people wonder why I use Linux!

Anyway, at least today's trading was a big improvement on recent days/weeks.

My struggles with the geegees are well documented throughout this blog and have been some cause for concern. So much so, that I decided over the weekend, to spend more time on what I'm good at, the dogs, while still tackling the horses in the afternoon/evenings. This worked well for me today, with a £30 profit on the mutts.

The horses however, did not get off to a good start. I had a couple of very small wins in the first two races I traded. The third though, the 2:20, saw me go into major panic mode and lose over £12. This happens all to often with me and is very irritating, particularly as, nine times out of ten, a while later the price comes back to my original position or beyond.

When this happened again today, it knocked my back a bit and I became very reluctant to get involved in any markets and seriously thought of packing it in for the day. It wasn't until nearly 4:00pm that I started putting in some decent trades.

All in all, I traded 24 horse races today, losing only 4 of them at a cost of £19.10. My reticence after that initial loss turned out to be a good thing as it gave me a chance to think about what I was trying to do and how I was going about it. At least I didn't go charging off trying to chase losses.

In the end, I came away with a profit of just over £23 on the nags, giving me a total for the day of over £53. The best day I have had for some time. More importantly, it brings me into profit for the month for the first time.

I confess, I was beginning to get worried particularly as I've let some excellent opportunities pass by recently. Specifically, failing to lay Andy Murray when I said I would, and today, failing to take the advice on the first Ashes test. It's a funny thing, confidence.

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