£1 Per Race

It doesn't sound much, but that's what I'm looking to achieve when trading the dogs. Given the number of races available each day, hitting that target would provide a very nice return. Sadly, I do not manage it very often but it is something to aspire to.

I did however, manage to average £1/race this evening which quickly put me back on track after struggling on the greyhounds yesterday and of course, taking the hit on the 3rd Ashes test.

Tonight saw another series of Sky televised greyhound races. I used to look forward to these as I was able to avail myself of the bet365 2/1+ offers. Unfortunately, I can no longer do so since they banned me from receiving any free bets or bonuses. Now, I just have to trade them.

There's a heck of a lot more money on these races, so it perhaps comes as no surprise that I don't fair very well in these. They simply do not behave in the same way as the dog markets normally do. That's something I need to work on. Don't look for big jumps and stick significantly more cash into the market. As long as it doesn't remind me of the horse markets, I should be OK.

I'll give it a bash the next televised meeting which is being held at Wimbledon next Tuesday evening.


Steve said...

I had a quick look at the dogs tonight as there was only the Irish night meeting seemed quite easy to tick trade as there was alot of cash around. Only played a couple of races but did ok only wish I'd played a bit bigger and more races now.

%'s were very tight and plenty of money around well before the off so it was pefect for ticking as there weren't any drastic moves like you usually get with the afternoon dogs.

Rick Ford said...

Hi Alistair,

What tick/stakee size do you normally feel comfortable with on a average race/odds around 4-5's? If I trade with anything over £15-£20 for tick scalping I seem to struggle. To get over £1 a race i need to guarantee 4-5 ticks on £15 Stakes which i can do but i wish i could confidently use bigger stakes like i do in horse racing

Alistair said...

Hi guys.

Steve, the televised dogs are a completely different beast from the other dog meetings and need to be traded differently - probably why I generally don't trade them well. Still, they're certainly worth looking at.

I seem to remember Peter Webb posting a P&L for the English Derby final were he made a very respectable profit.

Rick, I don't use a specific stake size. Keep in mind that my software automatically stakes based on an £amount per percentage probability point. Consequently, the stake varies with the odds.

For you example, odds of 4.00 is a probability of 25%. I am currently using £1.2/point so my stake would be 1.2 * 25 = £30. For odds of 5.00 it would be 1.2 * 20 = £24.

In the main, I trade the favourite which is frequently trading at 3.00ish so my stake would be in the order of £40.

I'm looking to increase my stake to around £1.5/point sometime soon, keeping in mind the market conditions. I try to limit my trading to the last 60-90 seconds before the off, though I have to work hard at resisting the boredom induced early entries.

The televised meetings would support significantly more than that.

I remember reading a blog a few months back (and for the life of me I cannot remember which one) where the author claimed that he regularly made £100/day on the dogs. I'm not sure I believe that claim, though I am not in a position to question its validity. It is certainly something to aspire to.

Thanks for the comments chaps.