BetTrader Evolution

Exiting news has just come from Racing Traders - a new trading application, BetTrader Evolution, is due for imminent release. More importantly for me, it is wholly browser based and will therefore run on Linux. I've been longing for alternative trading applications for Linux and it's great to see that happening.

To wet your appetite, here's a little teaser.


Jack Birkhead said...

Hey been enjoying reading your blog, keep up the good work!

just started my own please take a look

Ronnie2ticks said...

Hi Alistair

I think the "Betfair Trading world" are looking forward to this i just hope it delivers, been waiting since early June.

PhilipH said...

Good luck with the new bot Alistair.

What I'm waiting for is software that finds me winners. Must have a 90% strike rate.

I would definitely download it!

Anonymous said...

BetTrader evolution isn't really anything special looking at it. Other products are still far ahead of this one. It's far short of what they seemed to be promising.

I know you want a linux platform so I guess it's perfect for you, but for people on other platforms "evolution" is really BetTrader "catchup a bit" by the look of it.