Cheat's Charter

Tonight we saw, yet again, a referee completely conned by a cheat. If ever there was I more glaring example of why we need televised monitoring to assist the officials in these crucial decisions then I have yet to see it.

ALL other major sports have the facility, allowing the referee to confirm important decisions. Yet the governing bodies of football stubbornly refuse to introduce it. Why?

Given the amount of money in the modern game, both in terms of players wages and rewards for successful clubs, it is hardly surprising that players cheat, either through their own lack of morals or even encouraged to do so by their clubs. It is utterly disgraceful and a shocking example to give impressionable children.

If the authorities are not prepared to use television pictures to assist the officials, the very least they should do is use those very pictures to punish the culprits, just as they are used rescind red cards for example.

In my view, the perpetrator of such blatant acts of cheating should be banned for a month, and both the player and their club fined heavily. With so much money involved, it is not until draconian measures are put in place to hit players and clubs in their respective pockets that we will see an end to this unacceptable behaviour.

I won't hold my breath. The intransigence of the governing bodies will continue to encourage this cheat's charter.

Anyway, congratulations to Arsenal in getting through to the Champions League group stages. They are a great side to watch and certainly the better side over the two legs.

And to cap it all, I lost all my profit today thanks to getting caught by a suspension in the dog markets before all my closing trade was taken. Where was the diving scumbag to help me there?


PhilipH said...

Agree absolutely. It's ridiculous that technology is ignored in the way it is in so many areas of sport.

Drifter said...


One of the reasons football is so popular is that it is virtually the same if played on the local park or in front of 60000 people. I am not sure TV is the answer. I have seen several examples in other sports that whilst having the Technology the wrong decision is still made. When looking at diving it is also very difficult to say who cheated and who just slipped! As for last night it probably didn't change the outcome as Celtic didn't look good enough.


leonthefixer said...

The player's should feel ashamed of themselves!

On the TV last night they said he dived, no he didn't dive, he CHEATED!

If they claim to be so good and justify these crazy wages they surely shouldn't need to cheat they should just showcase their talent and skill and score that way.

He will be congratualted by his team and fans where as he should be punished and boo'd and dropped from the team but that won't happen he will continue to be celebrated - he has no morals!