Indian Summer

With the trading struggles I had in July, and the slow start to this month, I had in my mind that August was going to be another dog. The last few days have turned that around though. My trading has been steady if not spectacular. That has made a difference.

Actually, looking back over the month, my pre-race trading has been OK. A little less than I'd like, but OK and certainly better than August 2008. It was my poor attempts at trading new markets in the Ashes and US Masters that has left me with the impression of August being a poor month. It wasn't until I was collating my results for posting on here that I realised my 'normal' trading had gone reasonably well.

I have said a few times in the past that I'd be happy with £400/month (granted, based on past performances, I'm not now) and at least I'm heading towards that for this month.

After the stormy performances in the end of June and especially July, it finally feels that my trading is beginning to see an Indian summer.

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