The Jury Is Out

Well, hopefully it will be. I've just received notification of 'Selection For Potential Jury Service', and quite frankly, I cannot be bothered. I know it is important for law abiding citizens to do their bit, but the whole process is such a waste of time, causes huge disruption to one's routine, is completely inefficient in terms of planning one's day(s) and the compensation provided is pitiful.

I wouldn't mind doing it if I could guarantee involvement in an interesting case, but I can't. Knowing my luck, I'd probably end up serving in the trial of some yob who should just be shot rather than tried. Certainly, the last thing I want is involvement in a prolonged, drawn out case.

I've managed to avoid it in the past. The first time, I was in the middle of my exams at university. It was some years later that I was notified again, but this time I cited the fact that I was self-employed and prolonged time out could ruin my business, not to mention prevent me from providing for my family. I got away with it on those occasions so I'm not sure if I can use those excuses again.

Do you think I'll manage to get out of it, if I turn up for the selection process wearing a tee-shirt with 'Hang the Bastard' writing on the front?

Anyway, on to the trading...

Today was the first day for a while that I've managed to spend most of it trading. Unfortunately, all it did was show that the erratic nature of my greyhound trading is still dominating. I'm not losing much, but I'm not winning much either. The now all to common process of building up some nice profit only to throw it away in one careless moment is ever present.

Indeed, come dinner time, I was only £2-£3 up, and that was thanks to some afternoon trading in the horse place markets.

I am, however, happy to say that things picked up in the evening. I carried on switching back and forth between greyhounds and horse place markets I finally managed to string a few profitable trades together.

Some may think that it is a dangerous thing switching between two types of market in such a manner, making adjustments to trading style as I go. In actual fact, these markets are remarkably similar in that there's less liquidity and with lots of gaps. Indeed, with the greater liquidity available in the SKY televised meeting from Bell Vue this evening, the greyhounds had more money than the horse place markets.

So with a decent run in both disciplines, I was able to notch up a £30 profit for the day. The first time I've done so for quite a while. Hopefully I'll be able to continue with that.

You'll be pleased to know I left the Ashes test well alone today. I learned my lesson last time. I'm am though starting to look at options for the football, now that the new season is well under way. I'll keep you posted if and when I get involved.


GBO said...

Nice blog on trading..way to go!

Balloon Jockey said...

I've found too that horse place market can be a decent and steady little earner. As you say there are gap, which can be exploited. What sort of stake size are you trading?

Alistair said...

Thanks for the comment GBO.

BJ, I've only recently gone back to the place market. It was there that I started off with £10 some 18 months ago and built it up to around £2K until I seemed to lose the knack roughly a year ago. I struggled on becoming ever more disillusioned with it so I switched to the greyhounds.

It's been good the past few days going back to it as it's like visiting a long lost friend.

As for stakes, they are anything from £20 to £150 depending on odds. The shorter they are, the bigger the stake. If things continue as they are doing, I'll look to increase those a bit more.

PhilipH said...

What is the rate of pay on jury service nowadays? If it's £50 or more a day it might pay more than trading?

Had a look at the website you're promoting. I think I've used up all the online bookie sites so I wouldn't be eligible for any sign-up free bets. Seems like a genuine bloke running it; all the best to you and those who want to have a go at this matched betting thing.