A Long Lost Friend

A poor start today that resulted in me taking an hour to really get going. Once I got myself back in profit, I never looked back and finished the day nearly £60 to the good.

Rather than write my usual spiel, I'll simply summarise today's performance with the now familiar P&L graph.

It is interesting that having taken the decision at the start of the month to give the horses a rest and dedicate more of my time to the markets I'm most familiar with, i.e. the greyhounds, I've earned more in less than a week this month, than I did throughout July. Speaks volumes I guess.

It's been like visiting a long lost friend.

No doubt, I'll still find myself gravitating towards the nags once again sometime in the future, but for now, I'll be sticking to what I know. If for no other reason, it will help me get back on track and rebuild my confidence that had waned somewhat over the past month or so.

One final thing before I sign off for the night. The profit this week has seen me go through the £7K mark. Not bad considering I started off with £10 way back in the last week of Feb 2008.

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PhilipH said...

Better the devil you know!

Seven grand in 18 months is a great result. Still, a heck of a lot of time and effort has gone into your trading so you couldn't call it 'easy money' - as I'm sure you'd agree.

Cheers, Phil