Perfect Day

Well, two hours anyway. I've been a bit erratic in the morning dog market of late, but this morning I traded the first 18 races and came away with £43 with no losers. That's what we all like to see.

That means, coupled with the £53 I won yesterday over greyhounds, horse place and soccer correct score markets, I've pushed through the £400 mark for the month. Something I never expected when I was throwing my money away on the cricket.

Unfortunately, due to family commitments, I've had to stop. Moreover, that's my trading more or less done for the month, though I might get a little in on Monday evening. I'll do the monthly summary then. However, there's one thing I'll flag up to you that you might want to keep an eye on...

In all the races this morning, up to the 12:42, someone, or I suspect some bot, had already had £280 matched at odds of 2.60 on traps 1, 2 and 3. I've no idea why, but I suspect a bot was matching itself as there is never that sort of money around so early in these markets.

When I opened the markets some 5 mins before the scheduled off, ALL these runners were trading at much higher odds. If I'd realised earlier in the morning that these sums were coming in I would have been laying like a whore in a brothel.

Anyway, something you might want to keep an eye on just in case the bot owner hasn't noticed - assuming it is a bot. If it is a trader, then please don't scare him off until I get a chance to grab some of the action.

Have a good weekend.


armis said...

Does the self matched summ add up to the total market volume?
Some time ago I did an self-matching experiment and as far as I remember the total market volume didnt change.

PhilipH said...

Well done Ali. Great to see you back on the cherry-ogs and all on the plus side.

I've been sticking to the stock market. The online savings accounts I've been using for a few years have slumped to virtually nil interest. So, a few months ago I switched most of it into half a dozen 'defensive' stocks, including Tesco, Morrisons and Vodafone. A private bank and two other smaller companies to spread the risk. At present I've made just over 8% on the total invested. Just a few grand, nothing spectacular. Happy to be away from the racing for a while.


bigdavestar said...

Good work, keep it up and see if you can improve next month. I enjoy reading your blog :)