Strange Start To The Month

Having got July out of the way, I was looking forward to the August and getting back on track. Yesterday though proved to be a bit of a non-event.

For some reason, my software wasn't working. The logon process seemed to be working in that my account details would appear yet just at the last, it would return an error saying there was an API problem and it wouldn't let me in.

It did this once before nearly a year ago but eventually started working again a couple of days later. This time, it was up and running late Saturday evening, after all the dog racing was finished.

With BinarySoft unavailable to me, I spent some time playing around with the Betdaq Trader software as it is Java based and runs natively on my chosen platform. If BinarySoft ever fails completely, using Betdaq Trader would be an alternative trading option allowing me to avoid the need to move back to Windows. Whether it is a viable option in terms of liquidity remains to be seen. Certainly, my favourite greyhound markets would be out but that's a bridge I will cross when I come to it.

I finally got trading today, though it was a bit disjointed thanks to delays at Perry Barr which meant that their races were going off almost the same time as those at Hove. Why can't these places coordinate themselves? Greyhound races are frequently held up as SIS goes off to cover a horse race. Why can't the dog meets organise themselves a little better and talk to each other?

Anyway, despite these problems, I managed a profit of £26 today, with most of that happening in the morning session prior to the horse racing starting. Once the nags got underway, the greyhound markets quickly dried up.

I also had a little bet on the soccer. I stuck £10 on there being under 2.5 goals in the IFK Mariehamn v HJK Helsinki match. It ended 0-0 so a welcome £7.54 profit there.

At the start of the 3rd test I decided to lay the draw having seen the forecast for the weekend. Unfortunately, the rain was more persistent on Thursday than anticipated and the price kept coming in. As a result, I am all red to the tune of nearly £16 which will disappear from my account tomorrow evening.

Always good to start a new month with a profit though. Here's hoping I can keep it going a bit better than I did last month.

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