That Went To Plan - NOT

Tiger Woods obviously didn't read the script today. At least my script anyway. Even without pictures, it was obvious that he wasn't doing much wrong and the market was going to keep his price low.

As a result, I didn't like the way things were going, even before he had finished the first nine. His odds had fallen to 2.7 to back, but there was little money in between that and my lay entry point of 2.98. with this in mind, I decided to shed some of my liability and try and scratch £50 worth. This was taken 15 minutes or so later.

I placed a couple of bets higher up to close out the trade, but the odds shortened again. In the end, I felt it prudent to impose my stop loss and I bailed out at 2.12 for an all red £18. Granted, I could have scalped his position to limit the damage further - his odds at the time of writing are 1.89/1.90. However, I'm wary of putting more money into a market when I have no pictures, especially when I remembered this afternoon that I won't be around for much of the weekend.

I took a position at the start of play, which didn't pan out, so I'll take it on the chin. That's the nature of the game.

My greyhound trading continues to be erratic, though I did do better today making £26. I'd normally be looking to make at least that during the morning session alone, but I'll take it in any event.


PhilipH said...

It's that 'two-legged' animal thing again! Just can't rely on 'em to do the right thing. Now, the cherry-ogs, that's different; faithful and more dependable, eh what?


Peter Webb said...

Unluck, I've often felt that Tiger is a fair weather golfer so have always been a bit nervous at opposing him on home turf in good weather. Always tempting when the odds are so low. I think I prefered golf when Tiger was out of action. At least from a betting perspective.

John Alexander said...

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