All Part Of The Game

Since my last post, I've been keeping my head down and concentrating on my trading, which is the reason I've not been blogging or in the chat room.

Everything has been going swimmingly, though I did make a silly mistake this evening by putting a lay in a dog market, then allowing myself to be distracted as I worked out what I was going to do in the Barcelona match tonight. As a result, I completely forgot about it and only realised after the event when checking my P&L. Needless to say, the dog won and I lost £85.

All part of the game and I'm confident I'll get it back soon enough.

That mishap aside, I've been trading quite well. Slow and steady rather than anything spectacular both in the greyhounds and the horses. I've even been dipping my toes back into the murky waters that are the soccer markets. I'll be looking at those more and more as the weeks go by.

Now, onto more serious matters...

Various people have offered advice over recent weeks regarding my trading. In particular, Steve has pointed out some potentially destructive traits I have that may be, albeit subconsciously, limiting my trading.

This tendency to have a negative outlook is not limited to my trading results and is a personality trait I fight against every day. However, regarding my trading, I take on board what Steve has been saying regarding the blog. His comments have had me thinking about how and what I use this blog for.

Originally, I set it up to help me maintain my discipline. There is something cathartic about detailing one's ups and downs in a public place for all to see. I'd recommend anyone who is starting out on their trading journey to do the same. It DOES help.

Now though, it may well be that the blog has outgrown its usefulness in that regard. As a result, I'm going to change tact with my blogging. Out goes a daily spewing of my trials and tribulations and in comes.... well I haven't decided. At the moment, I may just do a weekly summary as far as my performance is concerned interspersed with any posting that takes my fancy.

If there's anything you, as a reader, would like to see or talk about, then feel free to post a comment.


Steve said...

Good to see things are on the up Al, as for anything spectacular you'll have to leave that to the gamblers, with trading those large wins come along very rarely and can just as easily tilt the applecart as big losses. I'm afraid those steady mundane small wins are the best we can hope for as traders :)

It'd be a pity if you stopped the blogging Al as lets face it there aren't many decent logs out there. I was pointing out more that you should avoid highlighting the negative side of the days trading more than anything else.

I'd guess most of us traders have post it's stuck on the screen somewhere to remind us of bad trades etc. When my PC loads up I have at least 3 outlook tasks popping up throughout the day reminding me not to chase/take risks etc. We'll never get rid of those traits fully but with luck we can at least lessen them.

Anonymous said...

I was going to post similar comments recently. If you take a look back at each entry on the blog, the majority have negative headings followed by a downward slant on recent events.
20 consecutive months of profits looks positive from here so let's see that glass half full.

Alistair said...

Hi folks, thanks for the feedback.

Don't worry, I'm not going to stop blogging. Rather I'm simply going to change the emphasis of the posts and probably not make quite as many.

As far seeing the glass half full... that's a work in progress. LOL!